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Monday, 26 December 2011

Herring Factory Game Level (Unity 3D) - Update 1

In between doing various other work I have also been working on a personal project of mine which is to create a sample game level which will work within Unity 3D. The inspiration for this level came from some images I found of an abandoned Herring Factory. You will find more details of this in one of my earlier blog posts.

So far I have managed to block the complete level out, I have also imported it into Unity 3D and created my camera system so that you can walk around the level and have a good look around. I have started to split the level into sections so that I only need to model certain repeated parts once. In doing so the level is a bit of a mess at the current stage and there are a fair few holes for you to fall through and a few flashing polygons. Once I have sorted these issues out I will post an update using the Unity web player so that you can all have a good look around the level for yourselves. Hopefully this will be in the next couple of days so please come back soon.

Anyway alongside this I have also created a couple of assets that will form part of my level.

The first asset that I have created is a large rusted pipe. These will be located along either side of my main room. The Image shown is just a 3Ds Max view port render. It uses Diffuse, Normal and Specular maps.

The second asset that I have created is one of the doors, that will be used in my level. The door will be a slide door, like a lift (elevator). Again the image shown is a 3Ds Max view port render. The model also uses a Diffuse, Normal and Specular Map.

Hopefully the next post I make will include a working level in which you can have a look around the Herring Factory within Unity.

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