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Friday, 27 July 2012

VRX iMotion Simulator - 3D Visualisation

I have just completed a project which involved modelling and rendering a room full of VRX iMotion Simulators.
To find out more about the simulator, please visit www.triplewidescreen.co.uk, where you can also get hold of one!
Driving one should look a little like this, but imagine this with full motion and surround sound.

Anyway I produced several imaged that are to be used as concept visuals to give you a feel of how a simulator room will look with 10 of these simulators all set up.

As you would all agree this would be amazing! Once again to see more of my work visit my website www.markshires.com and don't forget to check out www.triplewidescreen.co.uk the home of the VRX iMotion Sim.