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Monday, 22 September 2014

Frog & Gecko Land ... Out now on the App Store for Free!

My long awaited game Frog & Gecko Land is out today on the App Store to download for Free!

"Can you guide the Frog through Life's challenges and win the Frog of his dreams!

A fun 2D platform game, where you play as the Frog, guiding him past 10 of lifes challenges and hoping to rescue the Frog of his dreams. After guiding the frog through all 10 levels, a surprise lies in store and it is time to take your revenge!"

I would appreciate it if you could take your time to download it and share it with your Friends.
Frog & Gecko Land - App Store

I'm currently working on converting it to Android so please keep and eye on my blog and facebook page for further updates.