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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Toyota F1 Driving Simulator

A project that I have worked on over the past few years, involved me leading a team to create the track library for the Toyota F1 Simulator. Recently a video has surfaced on YouTube showing a couple of laps of the Barcelona F1 Circuit de Catalunya.

The circuit was created from LIDAR data and is extremely accurate.

To find out more about the Toyota F1 Simulator have a look at there website which also includes a list of all the tracks that have been generated from LIDAR data.

There website can be found here Toyota Driving Simulator

Friday, 27 January 2012

Cell Shaded Cartoon Bull

I have been playing around with using Cell Shading lately which gives your models a cartoon look.
To experiment I have used my Bull that I modelled as part of the Canimation project.

I was quite please with the effects that I managed to produce, what do you think?

I think the bull looks quite mean, and the cell shader, adds more emphasis on the muscle contours.

And another view showing the back of the bull.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Herring Factory Game Level (Unity 3D) - Update 3

I have been busy these last few weeks with other things, however I have still managed to do a bit of texture work on the walls of the Herring Factory. There are still some fixes to be made in the textures in that they still tile quite a bit between the different sections, which I will try to fix next. I then aim to have the small rooms at the four corners of the main hall textured and also the end walls of the main hall to be textured too, I will probably have a complete room textured then and will release a version so that you can use the Unity Web player to have a walk around.

And I still need to finish the beams of across the room too, although I am still not quite sure what to do about these!

The walkway that you can see in the bottom right corner is going to be a wire mesh walkway eventually, the texture tiles quite bad too which will be fixed shortly.

Another little problem that I have is what to actually put in the two trenches along the length of the hall way, I was thinking I could try and animate some kind of crane thing manoeuvring up and down the room, which is another reason the beams haven't been completed yet. What do you think?